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Review: EasyBlog by StackIdeas

Review: EasyBlog by StackIdeas

Joomla, the popular content management system, is understood to be a blog at its core. However, the platform is so advanced, that the actual use of it as a blog isn’t anywhere near as easy as WordPress to set up and begin blogging. Plus, requires the installation of multiple plugins and modules to get it to look like one would expect a blog to look like. Consequently, I began my search for an all-in-one blog component for Joomla that’s rich in features yet easy for my clients to use.

I looked at a number of components to answer the need but kept coming up empty handed. Perhaps many of these blog extensions were just too young but my biggest issue was none of them were intuitive enough to pass muster. If my client had to email me for a reminder as to how to post a blog, I have no use for such a component!

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