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Our Pricing

"Everybody Needs a Tony"

Our pricing is affordable and accessible. After 30 years in business, I arrived at what I believe is the best way to handle pricing and payment. While I still do single projects at local rates, I aim to assemble a small handful of clients who each pay monthly. In this way, you get your share of my skills and talents. I’m a one-man band and a one-stop shop for most communications-related things. However, you don't need to buy me expensive equipment, provide an office, or withhold payroll tax. I'll take care of everything. Tell me your marketing goals, and I'll run with them.

A typical client would depend on me to complete upgrades to their website, funnel creative to social media, set up a live stream, shoot video reels, promote an event, design a billboard, make a flier, and perhaps put together a podcast. I was told many years ago, "Everyone needs a Tony." After many happy, successful customers, I suppose it's true!

Over the years, I've helped a church startup, handled the creative for Purdue University, designed the holiday campaign for the Bronx Zoo, helped save monarch butterflies, supported the research of cochlear implants, worked with many veteran organizations, and countless small and medium-sized businesses get the word out. Typically, these organizations paid me anywhere from $300 to $3500 monthly. The smaller accounts usually have me maintaining their website and social media, designing postcards and posters for upcoming events, and occasionally showing up for brainstorming meetings! The larger accounts talk to me constantly about marketing collateral, advertising strategy, analytics, pay-per-click, and conversions.

By doing it this way, you're pushed to use me, and I'm pushed to keep you happy. If, for any reason, you're not happy, give me 30 days' notice, and we'll shake hands goodbye.